Monday, October 30, 2006

Hear Me Blather.....

Yes, when I'm not stuffing my face with ear after ear of Mother Nature's sweet sweet corn, I'm working on some kind of movie or another in some informal artistic aspect. In case you're not one of my seven friends who check out what I'm posting here, I'm generally thought of as a decent storyboard artist in the entertainment industry. It is, by no means, a glamorous job (most of the time). I'm usually one of a few guys in a cramped office space drawing picture after picture after picture after get the idea. Sometimes, however, you get to start your career on a high-profile genre pic and your work is featured in an "Art of" book and suddenly people who are not your Mom's friends know your name. So I occasionally get asked to do an interview.
Head on over to Geek Speak for about fifty minutes of me jawing about all kinds of things I've worked on....Hellboy, Monster House, Beowulf, even my brief stint on TMNT. And I give away absolutely no spoilers on City of Ember and Trick 'r don't think you're going to get the info out of me.

Enjoy hearing me not really remember things.

watching: Monster House
listening to: Thunderbirds are now!


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