Tuesday, June 27, 2006

He will EAT your children.

So it can now be said without any hint of loyalism (he DID get me my start), Guillermo del Toro is the best filmmaker I've ever known. Pan's Labyrinth is flawless del Toro. Paul Prischman and I discussed this after seeing the film last Friday- Guillermo has taken his entire film vocabulary, all those images you love from his other films, and literally poured it into Pan's. You're going to hear many words to describe this film: brutal, harsh, beautiful, magical, disturbing, political, creepy as shit, and they're all going to apply. Oh, and there are monsters in it, staple of any good, "best movie I've seen in the past three years!"

It's just terrible that so few of you will see it before December....I went through this when I saw Kung-fu Hustle a good six months before it came out at a private screening at Sony. So thanks to Frank Darabont for organizing the hottest Hollywood screening this year, and thanks again to Paul for getting me in. It's a truly haunting film that I still find hard to put into words, past the mesmerized feeling that washes over me whenever I think about it. I can't wait to see it again.

And speaking of other good movie news head on over to Aint it Cool to read Harry's GLOWING review of Monster House. Having Harry Knowles love this film makes me feel really damn good about all the hard work we put into it....just you wait for City of Ember......

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Blogger dlamb said...

I am so excited for 'Pan', I'm renting Devil's Backbone just to tide me over.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous jonashpdx said...

now i'm very mad at you. can't wait to see it.

4:30 PM  

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