Friday, July 07, 2006


If you happen to wander into one of your many local bookstores, you can check out these Monster House books in the kid's section. Wonderful! Since the kids are going to go all loopy over how much they love this film, and with no toys coming out to speak of, these books are great addendums.
First up you've got the novelization, but I've never been much for reading movies after I've seen them, unless they're based on books I haven't read....but it's got a cool lenticular cover.
The 3-D book is just that...3-D. Glasses and all. It includes some choice stills from the film as well as some excellent Chris Appelhans and Khang Le artwork.
Trouble on Oak Street and Dear Diary are fun young reader's books.
And my favorite...Dj's notebook...a pretty good look into the kind of kid we were designing DJ to be. He's obsessed with the house across the street, right down to his scientific method. It's chock full of little doodles and notes we created just as background chaos...never thinking they would be read by the youth of today.....neat.
Oh, and that's one of my Style Guide line drawings on the cover....extra neat!


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