Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fast Food Anyone?

With Monster House hitting the theatres on July 21, the marketing blitz has begun....and weirder than weird is this. Carl's Jr. kids meals and toys. Extremely surreal to see work I've done, and the work of friends on happy meal bags and toys... I've been aware, ever since I did line art for the Style Guide, that I'd be seeing things like's still a shock to actually hold a Fast food pog:
with one of my house drawings on it. No, I'm not trying to toot my own horn here...I just, nobody KNOWS I drew this stuff but me, and I can't get over the oddity of it.
So dig this pog eating Monster House toy. My son Evan loves it. He puts the pog on the tongue and says, "Bye DJ, Bye Jenny, Bye Chowder (which he pronounces Show-der)," then proceeds to ask me, in that repetitive three-year-old manner, to "Let them come out," of the House. Brilliant!

And now in a week or so I'll be able to get the Chowder Backhoe toy (go to Carl's Jr. to see it), which I'm dying to try out, since I had a hand in designing it. The story is, while we were shooting, the producers came to me to ask for a bunch of different designs and ideas for toys, games, books, etc., and this little Backhoe toy was one of them. Although they didn't go with my favorite design, which was little hollow rubber figures of the kids with their squirt guns- you know, your filled them with water and squirted each other with them. Fun right?
It was a fun few weeks...just coming up with stuff...I wish they would do the board game...I liked that one too.

Oh and the little hand-held maze thing was actually an idea my wife, Emily gave me.

So now I have to get these kid's going to love all the cheeseburgers and star-shaped chicken nuggets.

And coming soon:

More on this and some of the other books next time.

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