Monday, September 25, 2006

Little Girls can be Giant too.....

So when I saw something like this in Being John Malkovich I thought it was did you, admit it. This is where I'm glad that Gil Kenan and I have similar tastes when it comes to scale......Giant things are inherently cool. And when Gil sent me this, this Little Girl Giant, I was loopy. This is what Jim Henson would be doing, were he allowed to live to a healthy 70 (I'm still missing him). I love the way the rigging, albeit huge, virtually disappears as you watch. By the time I'm watching little girls riding on the Giant, and her immense and serene face is simply watching them, I'm lost in it.
I can't wait for more beautiful experiments like this......I think I hear the impact tremor......Daikaiju!!!!!!

watching: The X-Files Season 3
listening to: Thunderbirds Are Now!


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