Thursday, October 26, 2006

Take the House home.

So as many of you who follow film and dvd releases already know, Monster House came out on DVD this past Tuesday, the 24th. Did you pick yourself up a copy? Well why the hell not? What are you waiting for? No, you can rent Slither. Monster House you WANT to own. Well, because it's a damn good movie (I may be biased, but go ask someone else, they'll tell you) and the DVD is full of a whole mess of special features that'll tell you all about how they go about making one those durn motion capturey type of pictureshows. There are some supposedly good commentaries that I haven't watched yet (but I will, mind you), as well as a splendid Art of Monster House gallery. There is also a scene breakdown (only one? What happened to the deleted scenes we spent so much time drawing?) of our introduction to Horace Nebbercracker, which include a few of my early storyboards. I'm talking boards done during the first week or two of pre-production.....takes me back.

So git. Rent it, buy it, steal it off your pothead roommate and when he asks tell him he must have left it in his car and lock the door when he goes to check forgetting his keys, and laugh.

watching: Minority Report
listening to: Damien Jurado


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