Monday, June 19, 2006

It's official...I've done way too much work on Monster House

Monster House.... I worked for two and half years on this movie. It's extremely rare that a storyboard artist would stay on a project for more than six months....usually gigs for guys like us are brief and intense. So why is it that I end up on shows for so long? Beats me. Well, on Monster House, I think it was a really strong rapport with Gil Kenan, the director. Things just kind of clicked in our Art department, and we all understood the aesthetic of the film. It worked, and just kept on working. So after we boarded the whole movie, and continued tweaking the boards all throughout the motion capture shoot, Gil got me started on doing all kinds of other artwork....all different forms of 2-D design for backgrounds and props. I worked on:
-the logo
-Thou Art Dead...I designed the characters, their simple animations, the backgrounds...even the storyline
-poster art for DJ's room, including some polaroids (my first regrettable foray into digital painting)
-candy box design (look for them in Jenny's wagon)
-signage and arcade box art at the Pizza Freek
-Blasterpong, Chowder's Atari-type game (not sure if this made it in yet)
-the Encyclopedia of Monsters (from a deleted scene in the movie, you can see the cover on the site) and it's contents

and a bunch of other stuff....I even did a slew of 2-D line art for the style guide(more on this later). And even more of the little bits and bobs that I kind of wrote off are showing up everywhere....on the site, for instance, the flip-books were things I did....and all of DJ's personal notes...... all these little things we did to make the world more believable are finding their way into the advertising....and it's weird.
Well head on over to the Monster House Official Siteto see a bunch of stuff I had my big toe can play Thou Art Dead (and you won't want to stop), HOUSE, a basketball game they had my do the artwork for, play with the costume creator, which I did for a Nickelodeon contest a while back, as well as the usual screenshots, character bios, trailers and whatnot. Soon there will be some Production notes, and a chunk from the Encyclopedia of Monsters all about the Domus Mactibilis...looking forward to that.....go play.


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Love the new site, Simeon. I just put a link on the main page of DelToroFilms- Parker

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