Friday, June 16, 2006

New Book Day

As of June 14, the Monster House One Shot is out on the shelves, and I couldn't be happier. Now we just need someone to read the book....well, I'm hoping it will be picked up, at least, by the people I told about it and maybe even those who just pick it up off the shelves and enjoy what they see....folks who may even be aware of Monster House from the trailers playing out there.
I think IDW has put out a really nice book here. Some of you might know that we had some problems setting this up at Dark Horse (artistic differences), and IDW came in and let us tell our story, the way we wanted, and got us a brilliant colorist- Len O'Grady, hire him!- and published a damn fine looking graphic novel.
As for my part in it, a very smart French guy said," Avec un style entre Kyle Hotz et Eric Powell, c'est certainement un titre que je vais surveiller de près à sa sortie...", which pretty much compares my style to Hotz and Powell. A compliment indeed. Although I have a WAYS to go before ever being able to hang out with them fellers. But still, nice to hear. I'm not sure why it is, but getting compliments on your comic work from Europeans always feels so much more notable....
So a fun book to work on, despite deadlines, and I'm sure more interest will be piqued after the film comes out. Sort of a , "oh, they made a Monster House comic?" kind of thing.
I'm really looking forward to hearing what the readers have to say..So if anyone out there knows of any reviews, good or bad, send them my way.

and now for the preview pages:


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Great work man, keep it coming, loved the splash page!!

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