Monday, May 28, 2007

You a winner. Ha Ha Ha. You a Winner.

I never win anything. Not that I try all that hard to win things. To me, contests are things that other people benefit from. It's always someone from some town in Iowa that I've never heard of. It's a big country, and any time there's a contest that the entire country can partake in, then I'm guaranteed that one minute of disappointment. Oh, never, ever let yourself get invested in games of chance. It happens every time McDonalds starts up a new round of it's Monopoly game. I find myself with a few good pieces, and begin to plot the next time I can super size some fries just to get two new pieces. Sheesh.
But for some reason, I'm lucky when it comes to Godzilla- well at least marginally lucky. When I went to G-con '93, I was lucky enough to be sitting in one of the "special" seats that won me my photograph of the Godzilla statue in Tokyo, autographed by Hiroshi Kashiwabara (screenwriter of Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla). That's framed on my dresser. So when Monster Zero announced a contest for DVD's of the new footage shot for a Godzilla pachinko machine, I figured, what the hey? You don't see cool contests like that very often.
And what do you know? A few weeks ago I received a DVD in the mail. I won a prize! Now it turns out I wasn't a big winner, more like "second place," which was a promotional DVD of behind-the-scenes footage of the new short films. While it was just a five minute promo, it still whet my appetite for what was coming- new Godzilla battles shot by the Hesei master Kiochi Kawakita. What makes these new films so interesting are the decisions to use monster designs that have never been seen together onscreen. In the scene that I saw filmed, the Millenium Godzilla (Godzilla 2000) goes toe-to-toe with the King Ghidorah from GMK: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack. Just beautiful. Other monsters featured on the DVD were the Kiryu (the latest Mechagodzilla), the Final Wars Gigan, and the glorious shoulder spikes of Space Godzilla. How these films will fit into a pachinko machine is a mystery to be solved at a later date, on eBay. Or perhaps they'll show up on Youtube. Either way, enjoys these shots from the DVD I won by mailing in a postcard. It can happen to you........

Watching: Pan's Labyrinth
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