Monday, April 30, 2007

Monsters....Old and New

Hey little robot operators. Been away for quite a while and if any of you cared enough to send the very best, you'd know why. The rest of you....well, I don't care much for you either. Just here with a bit of a "hooray" for Classic Media and Tokyo Shock for keeping my tongue lolling in the visual delight of Giant Monster movies, remastered and gorgeous. First up is Classic Media's June 5th release date for both, yes both you three headed hordes, Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster and Invasion of the Astro Monster! Dig it:
You can head here to read more about it. Go. Read. I'll wait.
Cool huh? I think Invasion of the Astro Monster has been one of my all-time Godzilla faves ever since I can remember catching Godzilla movies on a crappy TV with bad reception and worse chroma in a bright green double-block in Philipsburg.(Everyone has one of these stories about the things they love most. I feel sorry for kids now who are growing up with HDTV and DVD....everything so are you supposed to remember anything?) Where else does Godzilla dance? Nowhere, that's where.
Oh, and then there's this from Tokyo Shock:
That's right. Frankenstein vs. Baragon! Frankestein Conquers the World! Both! On one disc! Kaiju fans are rejoicing everywhere. This one is coveted...I'm not sure why, but eveyone seems to love this one. I'm included in those ranks....and I can't even tell you why.....I just love that the last 20 minutes or so are just a man dressed as Frankenstein fighting a guy in a monster suit.....and Baragon and those ears. If you've never seen this, then at least give it a rent on a warm June 26th evening! Read about it here.
And now for the new Monster....SAM! Yep, the first teaser poster for Trick 'r Treat has made it online....and here it is:
Yes, you should be excited. From what I've seen it's really coming along nicely. A lyrical dance through Halloween traditions. And I have to thank Mike for this- I've never worked on a film where my storyboards were so accurately shot. It's an honor, and makes me smile all over the place. Sorry 'bout the mess. I'm pretty sure there isn't a horror fan out there who isn't going to eat up the love Mike's feeding them, come next Halloween. There's been such a void in the Horror genre lately, and all the Saws in the world just aren't filling it.....I can only take so much Survival/torture horror. Trick 'r Treat is just that.....a treat. Find more Trick 'r Treat goodies and some candy bars with razor blades here.

SO that's all for now....coming in May...a HUGE Robot Operator Manuals update, as I got my grubby hands on all my Monster House boards, concept art, prop pieces, and all sorts of other stuff that kept me busy for years....and if anyone knows how to compress Quicktime files for online viewing, let me know. I've got a Thou Art Dead treat.

Fifty feet off the ground in a large iron head. Robot operator signing off.

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