Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Beat to the Punch...

So it turns out that a few of my Beowulf boards made it online about a month before I could get around to it. Ok, so it's approximately two boards, from the Dragon sequence, that stay on screen for maybe three seconds. Who am I to complain about free publicity, though? It's pretty much how I continue to keep working in film project after project. So it right around the :42 mark...but don't just jump to the glory of storyboards...there's a whole mess of other great art displayed. I really need to see this movie again.

watching: The Shining
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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Holidays to the Moderately Interested

So after an insanely crappy holiday party that I actually helped pay for, it's nice to come home, put the kids to bed, and snuggle up with a warm lap full of computer and update one's website. As for the party, I won't go into too much detail, but it was one of those events that, thankfully I won't be going to again. My son, Evan, has been in a play group since he was about three months old. Since he started school we've drifted from the group, but still get together for occasional holiday and birthday gatherings. I loathe these things. Not that I hate hanging out with a group of kids, or even getting left alone to try to wrangle my two little ones while my wife catches up with her friends. No. It's trying to keep my kids from getting killed by the undisciplined hellions who are magically ignored by their oblivious parents. These folks even go so far as to have second children- babies, mind you- and leave them to wander freely, explore the world around them, and find creative new ways to maim and kill themselves. Oh, but wait. I'm there. With my kids. Keeping an eye on them like a RESPONSIBLE FUCKING ADULT. Obviously these morons have decided that Emily and I are perfectly happy to watch their kids as well. Fuck that. I'm tired of clueless parents. What's a real bite in the ass is that I shelled out thirty bucks to cover the catering of this merry gathering....only find no catering....just a pile of bad food. All I'll say about that is the lasagna reminded me of when I had a dog who ate canned food. Remember that yellowish-clear gelatinous goo that would take up residence at the top of the can, only to say, "hello! Boogity boo!" when you opened it? Yeah.

We had a Holiday party. And it rocked. Em's brother, Jason, flew out and made the most unbelievably succulent spread that's ever graced our dining room table. I'm all about homemade sushi these days. Amazing.

So, onto the update. Two films that I helped provide boards for recently saw release. Now, I pass the art onto you. Hopefully those of you with the option were able to see Beowulf in 3D- which is what it was designed for. You can even see it in the boards. Those of you who were really lucky got to see it Imax 3D, and I envy you. Just click on the dragon to head on over to Robot Operator Manuals and take a look at four of the sequences I worked on.

The other film missed out on a theatrical release, but should do fairly well on DVD. I picked it up here, and really kind of liked it. It's essentially a high-B horror film, that slightly suffers from some third act pacing issues and the ever-present face-scrunching plot holes. But I did get to board two small sequences on it, and I got my own credit- "LA storyboard artist". (I hope those guys in Vancouver don't think me pretentious.) Just click on the bird watching the woman run through the snow to see 'em.

So Happy Holidays from the Robot Operator. I'm working on some fun stuff for Cirque du Freak, and may even travel to New Orleans to finish it up. I'll be checking in with my directors to see if I can tease you with some Trick 'r Treat and City of Ember art. And I'm going to try to capture Santa by lacing the cookies and doping the milk. Not quite sure what I'll do with him after that....I certainly won't be dancing around in a black light with bugs in my clothes....that's oogy. I figure I'll just let him go with a stern warning...as long as he gives me a PS3.

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