Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's Trailer Time- Part 3- The Obscure....

Here are trailers for two films that I had brief contact with. First up is Trailer Park of Terror: a low-budget troture-porn killer-zombie teens-in-peril romp that actually looks promising. I worked on the comic book that this film is based on....oh, about a zillion years ago with some friends from Pennsylvania. (I was also asked to work on the film, but I can only storyboard so many films at once, and had to pass) Scheduling problems on my part, and a lack of budget on their part resulted in my leaving the book after five issues. Here's a peek at a page from their Halloween Special #1. Check out the rest here. The comics were anthology tales of horror ala Tales from the Crypt, and introduced by the undead Queen of the Trailer Park, Norma. I drew the Norma pages. So I'm sending out eerie good luck vibes to the Imperium Comics guys, and really hope that this film retains a bit of the anthology element found in the books.
Second up is Whisper: a gripping kidnapping thriller with a lesson. The lesson? Never, ever kidnap Damien. It's just bad news for all involved. It seems that said bad news has been following this film for quite a while. Universal shelved it for whatever reasons, and it stayed shelved for a good year or so. But now it's finally allowed to be seen....on DVD. OK, so it's not a big deal theatrical release with premiere parties and internet photos of the well-dressed young celebrities, but I'm still interested in seeing this. And not just because I get all giggly at seeing my name in film credits. Yes, I contributed storyboards to the film- only a few sequences at the request of the producers. Still, it was a fun script, rife with creepy possibilities. Those boards should be up at Robot Operator Manuals sometime in November to coincide with the DVD release. I'll let you know how it is once I've seen it. I'm going to pick up my copy here.
And finally, here's a tease. I've gotten my hands on this....The Art of Trick 'r Treat hardcover book....and it's beautiful. Concept art, storyboards, all sorts of behind-the-scenes fun, and prose. Remeber that? Yup. To accompany the art, the folks at Insight Editions are presenting the four and a half tales of terror from the film in a prose format. See the movie- read the story. Fun. There's also a Sam mask. A SAM MASK! It's just a paper mask, but it's also a beautiful painting by Breehn Burns. You can wear some art and confuse your friends. The BAD NEWS (and the reason this is a tease) is that the book's release has been pushed back to coincide with the film's. So you have to wait a year....but you can pre-order it here. Those of you who just don't have that kind of patience can just ask me. I'm no stinge. I'll let you see my copy- provided you're willing to wear a specially designed endothermic suit inside a cramped hyperbaric watched over by a robotic security system with a bad case of the hiccups. Let me know!
More from me later kiddies.

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